Paul Krugman: Republicans Are Running Out of Talented Con Men to Sell Their Garbage Agendat

"New York Times columnist Paul Krugman mocked the Republican Party generally, and the House Freedom Caucus in particular, for begging Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan to fill the House leadership void by becoming the next speaker. “What makes Mr. Ryan so special?” he asked. “The answer, basically, is that he’s the best con man they’ve got.” Krugman noted that Ryan has successfully “hoodwinked” the national media into believing he’s a serious-minded centrist, especially on fiscal issues, but that he’ll likely turn down the position because “it would be hard to sustain the con game from the speaker’s chair."

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The Republican Suicide Ballad: The Party That Can’t Govern, and the Country That Hates Its Guts

"It is time once again to ponder the question of whether the Republican Party can be saved from itself – and if so, what exactly there is to save and why anyone should care. The GOP’s current struggle to find someone, or indeed anyone, who is willing to serve as Speaker of the House of Representatives, the position once held by Henry Clay and Sam Rayburn and Tip O’Neill – the president’s most important counterbalance and negotiating partner, and traditionally the second most powerful job in Washington – is of course a tragic and/or hilarious symptom of much deeper dysfunction."

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It doesn’t matter who the next Speaker is. Because this is a permanent conservative rebellion. -t

: "Many Republicans are looking at what’s happening in the House of Representatives right now with something between consternation and horror. The party is tearing itself apart, unable to pick a leader for one of its key institutional bases of power and riven by disagreements that seem unbridgeable. But you want to know who isn’t upset about all this? The ultra-conservative members who are driving it, not to mention the conservative organizations and media figures who are cheering them on. They’re having a blast. The most important thing to understand about what’s happening now is that this is a permanent rebellion. It has its demands, both substantive and procedural, but those demands aren’t the point, and if they were met, new ones would be forthcoming. For the people behind the chaos, rebellion itself is the point. It’s about the fight, not about the outcome of that fight. They will never stop rebelling."

It doesn’t matter who the next Speaker is. Because this is a permanent conservative rebellion. - The Washington Post

America's Newest Political Curse: Ben Carson, the Neurosurgeon Who Can't Think

"What does it say about higher education, that you can graduate from Yale and still believe that the devil made Darwin do it?  What does it say about medicine, that you can both be a gifted neurosurgeon and also declare, “I never saw a body with bullet holes that was more devastating than taking the right to arm ourselves away”?"

Do Not Panic: Christian Group Says The World Will Be ‘Annihilated’ Today

"While our planet may have survived September’s “blood moon.” it will be permanently destroyed on Wednesday, 7 October, a Christian organization has warned. The eBible Fellowship, an online affiliation headquartered near Philadelphia, has predicted that today is our last day. Ever. It’s over. The group is basing their prediction on a previous claim that the world would end on 21 May 2011, and even though that claim proved to be false, the organization is confident it has the correct date this time, The Guardian reports. “According to what the Bible is presenting it does appear that October 7 will be the day that God has spoken of: in which, the world will pass away,” said Chris McCann, the leader and founder of the fellowship group. “It’ll be gone forever. Annihilated,” McCann said. He added how the world will be obliterated, “with fire.”"

Trump: Mass Shootings Are Inevitable, And The People Who Commit Them Are 'Geniuses'

 "There isn’t much America can do to prevent future mass shootings, because “that’s the way the world goes,” Republican presidential candidate and National Rifle Association member Donald Trump said on Sunday. Appearing on ABC News’ “This Week,” Trump told host George Stephanopoulos that he would not be inclined to change any of the United States’ gun laws in the wake of the latest mass shooting, a massacre at a community college in Oregon. “I can tell you people say ‘Oh, we’re going to stop it,’ it doesn’t work that way,” Trump said. “This has taken place whether it’s this type of crime or other crimes, taken place forever, from the beginning, and you go out a million years from now you’re going to have problems and even if you have a very tough system you’re going to have people that slip through the cracks, and it’s a very sad situation.” “But no matter what you do you will have problems and that’s the way the world goes,” he added. Watch it"

A P*ssed Off Southern Pastor Tells It Like It Is

 "I am a southern pastor and an educated professor who lives in rural Arkansas amidst folks who own guns and vote Republican. I hold college degrees, I preach in two churches, and I teach history in a respected four year college. I am not stupid. But I am not allowed to put political signs in my yard or stickers on my car because it will offend my students and my congregants if they know how I truly believe, even though my gun toting friends can post all the memes promoting ignorance and violence they want, without fear. So instead, I will write an article and tell the whole damn world the truth:"

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Law Firm Labeled Hate Group Leading Kim Davis' Crusade

 "Kim Davis' lawyer stood onstage in a Washington D.C. hotel and pointed to a photo on the screen. It showed 100,000 people packed into a Peruvian soccer stadium, Mat Staver told the crowd, all there to pray for the Kentucky clerk battling against gay marriage. The crowd erupted. It wasn't true. Staver's firm, the Liberty Counsel, which revealed Davis' secret meeting with Pope Francis, has been accused by advocacy groups of peddling misrepresentations in the past. Yet it has become the main source of details about the controversial pope meeting."

The Answer to the 'Christian Right'

"In a country that is increasingly polarized politically and religiously, it's always a breath of fresh air to encounter a group or a movement that strays from the social norm. Enter the Facebook page/movement "The Christian Left." TCL has gained national and international notoriety as a movement of Christ-following believers that shirk the right-wing political "norm" so commonly experienced within the evangelical community. It's calling card, a mixture of political satire and spiritual discipleship, helmed by four men who believe that the world needs to experience more than the typical Tea Party-esque brand of Christianity that saturates the political landscape."

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An Oregon teacher’s letter to lawmakers: We don’t need your prayers, we need your courage

 "Thursday, October 1 was my second day of class as a writing instructor at a community college in Oregon. Following the shooting that occurred at Umpqua Community College on Thursday, where 10 people were killed, I realized that as a new hire, I hadn’t been fully informed on my college’s emergency protocols. What should I do in the event of what we now call, with heartbreaking regularity, an active shooter situation? According to my school’s Emergency Response Guide, I should attempt to evacuate my students if it is deemed safe to do so. My classroom is on the third floor; to evacuate we would need to descend two flights down an open staircase, and exit through a wide lobby. We would need to know with absolute certainty that the active shooter was not on the third floor, or the second, or anywhere in the lobby. In other words, evacuation, my first course of action, seems highly unlikely"

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Mike Malloy - Barack Obama At The U.N.: A Breathtaking Example Of Hypocrisy

A Psychologist Puts Trump and the GOP on the Couch

"Rather than simply reacting with self-righteous contempt for the current crop of GOP presidential candidates, liberals like myself should try to also understand their appeal, however much we might believe it’s not strong enough to put any of them in the White House. The pre-scripted kabuki dances on display in their debates have made them easy targets for disdain, so easy that it’s a bit like playing Pin the Tail on the Donkey with your eyes open. Trump is an obviously racist bloviator, the creepiest and most blatantly disturbed of the bunch, for sure, but the lot of them come across as empty suits projecting poll-driven personas that their handlers believe will resonate with their base of angry and/or older white men. Moments of “authenticity” (e.g., they love their parents, spouses and children—imagine that!) are, themselves, always wooden, overly-crafted and ginned up with phony emotion and reported breathlessly by a media itself unable to stand on its own two feet and tell truth from fiction when it comes from these conservative wind-up dolls."

Finally, The Truth! Anti-Planned Parenthood Group Admits Fiornia Lied About Video

"At long last, weeks after Carly Fiorina told her lie about a video from Planned Parenthood she claimed she saw showing an aborted fetus on an examining table while someone said they had to keep it alive to harvest the brain, we arrived at the truth: It was actually a video of a stillborn child. This truth was finally revealed by David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress, the propaganda group that has been releasing heavily edited and incredibly specious videos they assert prove that Planned Parenthood is involved in the harvesting and sale of fetal tissue. Appearing on CNN earlier this morning, Daleiden was asked by Chris Cuomo to verify the Fiorina claim of seeing: “A fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating, its legs kicking.” To which Daleiden replied: “Carly Fiorina was referencing a sequence in our video that shows footage of a born-alive infant from a late term abortion actually moving in the specimen pan.” Cuomo wasted no time pointing out the inconsistency of what is in the video with what Fiorina continues to say she saw: “But if you’re talking about organ harvesting and abortions and how terrible they are why would you use a stillborn fetus, which is not a function of an abortion?” Weakly, Daleiden tried to retort with this: “It’s the same baby, whether it’s born dead or alive, whether the organs are harvested or not.”"

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Car-Lying: Carly Fiorina Lies Like a Boss

"The surging GOP presidential contender’s meaningless specifics are a marketing ploy, not a policy. The Central Intelligence Agency has some tips for spotting liars. Unfortunately, most of them also sound like stage directions for a GOP primary candidate: “Failing to answer.” “Attacking.” “Denial.” Even, “Bringing up religion.” One particular hint is unusually relevant these days: “Being too specific.” Carly Fiorina’s continuing distortions about what she saw, or didn’t see, on the Planned Parenthood sting videos would set off alarms all over Quantico on all those counts, but it’s her level of primary-color, pointillist embroidery on the truth—in that and other instances—that truly sets her apart from the rest of the field."

Paul Krugman: Why the Republicans in DC Are About to Get Much More Dangerous

 "John Boehner was awful, or as Paul Krugman writes in Monday's column, "a terrible, very bad, no good speaker of the House. Under his leadership, Republicans pursued an unprecedented strategy of scorched-earth obstructionism, which did immense damage to the economy and undermined America’s credibility around the world." The trouble is, Boehner was merely a symptom of a far worse strain in the Republican party that, with his exit, will be unleashed on us with even fuller fury"

Saudi Arabia to Crucify Teen for Protesting the Government

"Saudi Arabia, which was just admitted to the UN’s Human Rights Council days ago, will imminently behead and then crucify Ali Mohammed al-Nimr — a young man who encouraged pro-democracy demonstrations during the Arab Spring in 2012, when he was just 17 years old. In protest, the hacktivist collective Anonymous apparently shut down a number of Saudi government websites yesterday. Activists subsequently took to Twitter using the hashtag #OpNimr to oppose Saudi Arabia’s execution of al-Nimr. Hacktivists aren’t the only ones in Al-Nimr’s corner: other figures to voice support include heads of state and celebrities like comedian Bill Maher, who last week tweeted his support for al-Nimr. Both France’s president and its prime minister have called on Saudi Arabia to abandon the execution. The UK’s newly-minted opposition leader, Jeremy Corbyn, wrote a scathing letter to prime minister David Cameron demanding that he call on Saudi Arabia to “commute the unjust and horrific sentence”"

It Is Time To Get Very Afraid: Extremists, Authoritarians Now Run the GOP and No One Can Stop Them

"Movement Conservatives just claimed the head of House Speaker John Boehner. His political death was the price of preventing a catastrophic government shutdown after Movement Conservatives in Congress tied the very survival of the United States government to their determination to defund Planned Parenthood. Movement Conservatives are gunning for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell next. We should be very afraid. Boehner and McConnell are not wild-eyed lefties. They are on the very far right of the American political spectrum: fervently pro-business, antiabortion, opposed to social welfare legislation. But they are old-school politicians who still have faith in the idea of American democracy. Movement Conservatives do not. They want to blow up the government and remake America according to their own radical ideology."

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5 Nuttiest Right-Wing Moments This Week: 'Respectable' Marco Rubio Spins Insane Conspiracy Theory

 "The Pope came to Washington and spoke some sense this week, but hard-right Christians didn't seem to get the message. Here are five unhinged moments from some of the men who would be president."

The Parties Crawl Off to Die

 "I‘ve alluded to being a registered Democrat now and again, a disclosure that makes some readers go feral with wrath. For years I could only justify it as formal opposition to the cretinous brand of Republicanism that washed over the country like a septic wave with the reign of that sainted pompadour-in-search-of-a-brain, Ronald Reagan, whose “morning in America” bromide was among the biggest whoppers of my lifetime. With Reagan, we got the officially-sanctioned marriage of right wing politics and the most moronic strains of Southland evangelical religiosity. (Ronnie stated more than once his belief that Biblical “end times” were close at hand, which should have raised the question of his actual concern for the nation’s future — did he think it had one? — but nobody ever asked him about it.) George H. W. Bush expressed a similar view, perhaps merely pandering to the dolts of Dixie. So, who in his right mind could have subscribed to that load of bullshit?"

John McCain yukking it up with ISIS

John McCain yukking it up with ISIS

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