The Yazidi crisis and the future of the responsibility to protect

 "Islamic State (IS) fighters have captured a vast swath of territory across northern Iraq since seizing the city of Mosul in early June. With the Iraqi government flailing, the U.S. and its allies have rushed support to the Iraqi military and Kurdish paramilitary forces in order to halt the rebel advance. The White House’s initial response was a humanitarian rescue and assist operation for Yazidi civilians trapped by the IS in Sinjar in northwestern Iraq. It’s the most recent experiment with the politics of the responsibility to protect (RtoP). RtoP is an international norm that obligates states to protect civilians from mass atrocities such as genocide, war crimes and crimes against humanity. It rests on three pillars: First, states have a primary responsibility to protect their civilians from mass killing. Second, the international community has a responsibility to help states achieve this goal. The third is the most contested one: If a state fails to protect its people, the international community should intervene, using coercive diplomacy, economic sanctions, military force or other tools of statecraft. Since the United Nations adopted the norm at the 2005 U.N. World Summit, RtoP has guided, haphazardly, the international community’s response to mass violence. The crisis in Iraq and its international response thus far provide a rare view of the norm’s successes and its limits."

More:-----The Yazidi crisis and the future of the responsibility to protect | Al Jazeera America:

The case for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel

"The massacre that is taking place right now in Gaza must be stopped. But when it ends, Palestinians cannot accept a return to mere normality. For decades, the status quo for them has been intolerable. What is the point of returning to another seven years of siege, to wait for the next massacre? Twenty years after the signing of the Oslo Accord between the Palestine Liberation Organization and the Israeli government, Israel has only tightened its grip on the occupied territories. The result has been more settlements, more land confiscation and the normalization of an apartheid regime. There is another way forward. In 2005, 170 Palestinian civil society organizations — including all the major unions, grass-roots networks and parties — put forward an alternative vision for achieving freedom and justice, based on reasserting the rights of the entirety of the Palestinian people. Recognizing the importance of uniting the Palestinian people, the boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) movement demands pressure on Israel not only until it ends its occupation but also until it implements equality for Palestinians in Israel and the right of refugees to return to their homes."

More;----The case for boycott, divestment and sanctions against Israel | Al Jazeera America:

ISIS: A History of the Islamic State's New Caliphate in Syria and Iraq | New Republic

 "On June 29, 2014—or the first of Ramadan, 1435, for those who prefer the Islamic calendar to the Gregorian—the leaders of the Islamic State of Iraq and Sham (ISIS) publicly uttered for the first time a word that means little to the average Westerner, but everything to some pious Muslims. The word is “caliph.” ISIS’s proclamation that day formally hacked the last two letters from its acronym (it’s now just “The Islamic State”) and declared Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, born Ibrahim ibn Awwad ibn Ibrahim ibn Ali ibn Muhammad al-Badri al-Samarrai, the Caliph of all Muslims and the Prince of the Believers. For Muslims of a certain hyper-antiquarian inclination, these titles are not mere nomenclature. ISIS’s meticulous use of language, and its almost pedantic adherence to its own interpretation of Islamic law, have made it a strange enemy, fierce and unyielding but also scholarly and predictable. The Islamic State obsesses over words like “caliph” (Arabic: khalifa) and “caliphate” (khilafa), and news reports and social media from within ISIS have depicted frenzied chants of “The Caliphate is established!” The entire self-image and propaganda narrative of the Islamic State is based on emulating the early leaders of Islam, in particular the Prophet Muhammad and the four “rightly guided caliphs” who led Muslims from Muhammad’s death in 632 until 661. Within the lifetimes of these caliphs, the realm of Islam spread like spilled ink to the farthest corners of modern-day Iran and coastal Libya, despite small and humble origins."

More;------ISIS: A History of the Islamic State's New Caliphate in Syria and Iraq | New Republic:

On the Islamic State, the voices counseling panic grow louder

 "The centerpiece of every Sunday show yesterday was a sentence that President Obama spoke in a press conference on Thursday. He answered a question about “go[ing] into Syria” by saying that we shouldn’t “put the cart before the horse. We don’t have a strategy yet.” Naturally, Republicans leaped to argue that Obama wasn’t actually talking about military action in Syria, but about dealing with the Islamic State (or the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) more generally, and who knows what else. Many in the media took the same line. The first rule of a “gaffe” is that it should be taken out of context, and then the discussion should quickly be shifted away from whatever it was actually about to how, thus decontextualized, it might be perceived."

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The Unbearable Emptiness of a New York Times Op-Ed

"I have my concerns about President Obama’s foreign policy. But nothing eases them like listening to his Republican critics. There’s an onion-like quality to the arguments GOP politicians often deploy against Obama’s policies in the Middle East. Peel away the layers of grave-sounding but vacuous rhetoric, and you’re left with almost nothing intellectually nourishing at all. Take Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham’s op-ed on Saturday in The New York Times. It starts with a lie: that Obama said “we don’t have a strategy yet” to deal with ISIS. In fact, Obama was speaking solely about ISIS in Syria. (“Do you need Congress’s approval to go into Syria?” asked a reporter last Thursday. “We don’t have a strategy yet. … We need to make sure that we’ve got clear plans, that we’re developing them. At that point, I will consult with Congress,” Obama replied.)"

More;----The Unbearable Emptiness of a New York Times Op-Ed - The Atlantic:

Five Ways Unions Are Trying To Get Their Mojo Back

 "Since the mid-1950s, the percentage of employed workers who belong to a union has dropped from more than 28 percent to less than 12 percent. Experts have tied the nation’s growing wage inequality with this decline. To combat these trends, AFL-CIO national president Richard Trumka suggested in a speech last year that the union movement needs to change the way it communicates with workers, and the way it organizes. “Many of our unions were created over 100 years ago when the economic and demographic landscape was very different,” he observed, “We can’t just defend our historic industrial and geographic bases when global forces far outside our power to control are eroding, if not destroying, those bases. Unions and our progressive allies need to collectively redirect our energy to focus on where jobs will be in the future and which workers can successfully organize and gain representation in the new global economy.”"

More;-----Five Ways Unions Are Trying To Get Their Mojo Back | ThinkProgress:

Labor Day stems from deadly labor strike, but few Americans know the history

— Monday is the day to celebrate the American worker and his sacrifices and economic and social achievements. You do know that, right? If you don’t, you’re not alone. Few recall the bloodstained origins of this holiday as we fire up the grill, throw on the burgers and dogs and turn on the U.S. Open tennis or maybe the Yanks, Mets or another ballgame. And, in a sign of the times, the Sunday morning network news shows didn’t even offer their usual, token pre-Labor Day weekend spot for the head of the nation’s labor movement. “No,” said AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka when I asked him. “No invitations this year.”"

Conservatives Protest Labor Day By Staging A Work-In

 "A conservative think tank is protesting the federal Labor Day holiday by staging a work-in on Monday in a gambit to celebrate “the freedom to keep your job when you choose not to join a union.” “We’re calling it Right-to-Work Day,” Tom McCabe, CEO of Washington state’s Freedom Foundation, announced in a post on the organization’s website. The name refers to an effort by conservative lawmakers across the country to advance so-called “right-to-work” legislation that would allow union members to opt out of paying union dues while still benefiting from union contracts. “At the Freedom Foundation, we celebrate freedom of choice and transparency – ideals the labor movement has vowed to oppose. Consequently, we’ve chosen to spend our holiday honoring the right-to-work movement instead,” the post says. McCabe goes on to argue that all problems in society can be “traced in some way back to the abuses of organized labor.”"

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The True Story Of How One Man Shut Down American Commerce To Avoid Paying His Workers A Fair Wage

 "In 1894, Chicago was the Midwest’s gateway to the rest of the United States. Twenty-four different railroad lines centered or terminated in Chicago, covering the nation in over forty thousand miles of rail. Farmers, merchants, craftsmen and factories hoping to bring their goods to the rest of the nation — and potentially, to the rest of the world — had to first bring those goods to Chicago to begin their journey down one of the city’s many rail lines. Without Chicago’s railroads, much of the country lost its access to the nation’s commerce and was essentially plunged back into a pre-industrial economy. On May 11, 1894, a strike began just outside of Chicago in a company town run by one of the wealthiest Americans who has ever lived. By the strike’s bloody end, up to a quarter of a million workers joined together in solidarity with the strikers. Two federal judges, working in close collusion with federal officials who were themselves very much in league with Chicago’s railroad executives, would place the full power of the federal judiciary on the side of union-busters. President Grover Cleveland, acting on the advice of the railroad attorney he placed at the head of the Justice Department, would eventually send federal troops to Chicago. At the height of the conflict, Harper’s Magazine claimed that the nation was “fighting for its own existence just as truly as in suppressing the great rebellion” of the Confederacy."

More;----The True Story Of How One Man Shut Down American Commerce To Avoid Paying His Workers A Fair Wage | ThinkProgress:

9 Year Old Accidentally Kills Instructor With An Uzi------- Mike Malloy Show

White man jaywalks with gun...guess what happens?

"I saw a white man with a gun. I heard a policeman saying, "Place the weapon down on the ground, please. ... are crossing the street illegally ... I need you to put the gun down before I talk to you. ... You have committed a crime ... you are jaywalking. ... I don't want to shoot you, I'm not here to do that. ... Why are you so angry. ... Why are you cursing at me?" Watching the whole incident all I could think of were those dead (unarmed) black men and boys who never had the opportunity to be "talked down," called "sir," and were murdered by police.   Or they were leaning on a toy gun in Walmart. Like John Crawford III"

More;----White man jaywalks with gun...guess what happens?:

Comparing How The New York Times Described Mike Brown & Ted Bundy

 "On the eve of Michael Brown's funeral, a New York Times profile of the slain youth called him "no angel" and characterized Brown as troubled, citing his experimentation with rap as evidence. Vociferous criticism quickly followed, with the Times' public editor, Margaret Sullivan, finally admitting that the language used to describe Brown was regrettable. Much of the criticism focused on how race played an implicit role in the vilification of Brown – how his blackness provoked descriptions white victims of violent crime rarely see – as is often the case in American media. In a stunning display, Sean McElwee took that critique one step further by contrasting Brown's description not with those of other white victims of crime, but with a white perpetrator of violent crime, namely mass murderer Ted Bundy."

More;-----Comparing How The New York Times Described Mike Brown & Ted Bundy:

'Oath Keepers' Leader Arrested For Child Rape; Cops Find Stolen Grenade Launcher In His House

"We first noticed Marine Sgt. Charles Dyer, aka "July4Patriot," back in March, when we ran one of the first reports on the "Oath Keepers" bloc of the Tea Party movement -- an organization devoted to recruiting military and police-force veterans into a Patriot-movement belief system predicated on a series of paranoid conspiracy theories, especially the notion that the federal government intends to begin rounding up citizens and putting them in concentration camps. Dyer played a prominent role in connecting the Oath Keepers to the Tea Party movement, speaking at a July 4 Tea Party rally in Broken Arrow, Oklahoma. And he's been involved in organizing militia "maneuvers" in Oklahoma. Dyer cropped up again in the news -- this time in the police blotter for allegedly raping a 7-year-old girl"

More;----'Oath Keepers' Leader Arrested For Child Rape; Cops Find Stolen Grenade Launcher In His House | Crooks and Liars:

Michael Brown's Funeral Echoes with Cries for Justice

" Justice was a recurring theme as thousands of mourners packed the mammoth Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church on Monday for the funeral of Michael Brown, a black teen whose fatal shooting following a confrontation with a white police officer set off weeks of sometimes violent protests. The Rev. Al Sharpton, among the speakers, called for a “fair and impartial investigation” into the shooting. “We are not anti-police, we respect police,” Sharpton said. “But those police that are wrong need to be dealt with just like those in our community who are wrong need to be dealt with.” Benjamin Crump, a lawyer representing Brown’s family, alluded to the “three-fifths” clause in the Constitution for counting slaves (which actually was an anti-slavery clause) and demanded that Brown get “full justice, not three-fifths justice.”"

More;----Michael Brown's Funeral Echoes with Cries for Justice - Yamiche Alcindor | God's Politics Blog | Sojourners:

Ferguson Livestream

Watch live streaming video from activistworldnewsnow at

Keeping Their Voters Stupid Keeps Republicans Elected

" Over the past six years after every election, a relatively common question is why do so many Americans dependably vote against their own self-interests. Despite poor white people in southern red states barely surviving on slave wages, welfare, food stamps, and no adequate healthcare, they routinely vote for Republicans openly campaigning on driving their constituents deeper into poverty. It is true that opposition to Democrats as surrogates for an African American President is driven by racial animus, but even that fails to explain poor white voters electing abusive Republicans promising to eliminate programs that keep them alive and block Democratic attempts to lift them out of poverty. Founding Father Thomas Jefferson understood how abusive Republicans could succeed, if only they kept the population unenlightened, or in street vernacular blind, dumb, and stupid. Jefferson said, “I know no safe depositary of the ultimate powers of the society but the people themselves; and if we think them not enlightened enough to exercise their control with a wholesome discretion, the remedy is not to take it from them, but to inform their discretion by education. This is the true corrective of abuses of power.”"

More;----Keeping Their Voters Stupid Keeps Republicans Elected:

5 Reasons Booze Is Deadlier than Heroin and Other Drugs That'll Land You in Jail

"When you think of the “deadliest drug,” what do you picture? Do you imagine dirty needles and pill bottles strewn across the floor? Do scenes from Hollywood's dingiest heroin and crack dens (a la Trainspotting and Requiem for a Dream) flash through your mind? If so, you’ve been misled. Alcohol is the most dangerous drug out there. No other drugs—not meth, not heroin, not crack, and certainly not psychedelics like MDMA—even come close. It tops the charts in everything from addiction, to deadly accidents, to the increased likelihood of homicide, rape, partner violence and violence against women in general."

More;----5 Reasons Booze Is Deadlier than Heroin and Other Drugs That'll Land You in Jail | Alternet:

Ben Stein has to be one of the dumbest MFers on the Planet

"And clearly, he's not alone.  But it has to be said that this particular deluded dumbshittery is truly exceptional as Ben Stein proclaims that Michael Brown wasn't "Unarmed" because he was already "armed" with his "incredibly strong, scary self." With the Holy Hell is he talking about? He was 6'3", 300 lbs, and according to what I read in the New York Times on marijuana. To call him 'unarmed' is calling Sonny Liston unarmed or Cassius Clay unarmed. Cassius Clay?  What Century Is this guy from, the man's name is Mohammad Ali.   Is he saying that Big Bucks like Michael Brown spit Bullets so it's perfectly alright to shoot them when their hands are up?  Is he saying Big Scary 18-year-olds need to be shot in the head, or else they don't fall down fast enough? And he went on, and on..."

More;----Ben Stein has to be one of the dumbest MFers on the Planet:

Elizabeth Warren Breaks Silence on Israel/Gaza, Sounds Like Netanyahu

"Responding to constituents at her regularly scheduled “office hours” last week, Massachusetts senator and celebrated left-wing icon Elizabeth Warren defended her vote to send $225 million of American taxpayer money to Israel for its Iron Dome missile defense system and explained her support of Israel in that country’s summer military campaign against Hamas in Gaza. “I think the vote was right, and I’ll tell you why I think the vote was right,” she said. “America has a very special relationship with Israel. Israel lives in a very dangerous part of the world, and a part of the world where there aren’t many liberal democracies and democracies that are controlled by the rule of law. And we very much need an ally in that part of the world.” Describing Warren’s event for the Cape Cod Times, reporter C. Ryan Barber noted that the senator said Hamas attacked Israel “indiscriminately” and that she believed civilian casualties from Israeli attacks are “the last thing Israel wants.”"


You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia | Alastair Crooke

" The dramatic arrival of Da'ish (ISIS) on the stage of Iraq has shocked many in the West. Many have been perplexed -- and horrified -- by its violence and its evident magnetism for Sunni youth. But more than this, they find Saudi Arabia's ambivalence in the face of this manifestation both troubling and inexplicable, wondering, "Don't the Saudis understand that ISIS threatens them, too?" It appears -- even now -- that Saudi Arabia's ruling elite is divided. Some applaud that ISIS is fighting Iranian Shiite "fire" with Sunni "fire"; that a new Sunni state is taking shape at the very heart of what they regard as a historical Sunni patrimony; and they are drawn by Da'ish's strict Salafist ideology. Other Saudis are more fearful, and recall the history of the revolt against Abd-al Aziz by the Wahhabist Ikhwan (Disclaimer: this Ikhwan has nothing to do with the Muslim Brotherhood Ikhwan -- please note, all further references hereafter are to the Wahhabist Ikhwan, and not to the Muslim Brotherhood Ikhwan), but which nearly imploded Wahhabism and the al-Saud in the late 1920s."

More;----You Can't Understand ISIS If You Don't Know the History of Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia | Alastair Crooke:


A Tale of Two 9-Year-Olds: The One on the Playground, and the One With an Uzi

 "Parents who allow their 9-year-old to play unsupervised at a playground can be arrested, but handing a nine-year-old an Uzi is perfectly acceptable. MORE On the Road Again! Most Since Recession Hit the Highways NBC News Volcano Erupts in Papua New Guinea, Diverting Flights NBC News Tony Stewart: Fatal Accident One of 'Toughest Tragedies' NBC News This Vine Of A Tiny Piglet Prancing Through Grass Will Be The Best 6 Seconds Of Your Day Huffington Post Child Reportedly Expelled From Preschool Over His Mother's Facebook Posts Huffington Post Unfortunately, that’s not hyperbole. It’s just the sad state of affairs in which we find ourselves, after a 9-year-old New Jersey girl accidentally shot and killed her instructor at a firing range in Arizona. The girl’s parents paid for her to fire a fully automatic machine gun, but she lost control of the weapon and shot her instructor, Charles Vacca, killing the military veteran"

More;----A Tale of Two 9-Year-Olds: The One on the Playground, and the One With an Uzi | TIME:

Occupy Movement Launches TV Channel, Tea Party Attacks

 "FilmOn Networks has launched Occupy Television, a free 24/7 online television channel which consolidates all previous sites providing Occupy news and commentary. The right wing press has already attacked the new channel, clearly alarmed at its existence on the eve of the anniversary of Occupy Wall Street September 17. A press release from FilmOn cites the media black out in Ferguson as part of the timing of this launch. “Occupy Television’s goal is to circumvent mainstream media, with its multitude of conflicts of interests, in order to break out of the echo chambers of conventional political discussion,” the release states. “The station is based on the work of Occupy community members and citizen journalists—it is TV for the 99%.”"

More;-----Occupy Movement Launches TV Channel, Tea Party Attacks | TVMIX Live TV News:

Christian leader denounces Duggar family’s patriarchal movement as ‘truly dangerous’

 "A prominent leader in the Christian homeschooling movement has denounced the “Christian patriarchy” movement followed by the prolific Duggar family. Michael Farris, founder of the Home School Legal Defense Association and Patrick Henry College, described the Quiverfull ideology – which promotes procreation and the primacy of men – as “truly dangerous” in the wake of two sex scandals involving leaders in the evangelical movement. Farris issued a newsletter article Thursday saying he had been uncomfortable for years with the teachings of Doug Phillips and Bill Gothard, but he had not spoken out because his organization defends the right of anyone to homeschool their children, reported Right Wing Watch."

More;-----Christian leader denounces Duggar family’s patriarchal movement as ‘truly dangerous’:

Missouri police sued for $40 million over actions in Ferguson protests

 - A group of people caught up in unrest in Ferguson, Missouri, after a white officer killed a black teenager, sued local officials on Thursday, alleging civil rights violations through arrests and police assaults with rubber bullets and tear gas. The suit, filed in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Missouri, says law enforcement met a broad public outcry over the Aug. 9 killing of 18-year-old Michael Brown with "militaristic displays of force and weaponry," (and) engaged U.S. citizens "as if they were war combatants.""

More;----Missouri police sued for $40 million over actions in Ferguson protests | Reuters:

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