If you spend yourselves in behalf of the hungry and satisfy the needs of the oppressed, then your light will rise in the darkness and your night will become like the noonday---Isaiah 58: 10

" "

Religion that is pure and undefiled before God is this, to care for the orphans and widows in their distress---James 1:27

Josh Romney really wants you to see this picture of Mitt ‘paying taxes’

"Josh Romney, son of former Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney,  tweets photo-ops. It’s a thing. Last year he tweeted a picture of him being a hero, which is just what heroes do. Today, he tweeted a picture of his billionaire father standing in some sort of line to pay his taxes. He’s like a regular guy except he waits in a long line instead of letting his accountants take care of it, or taking care of it online. So look everybody, here is Mitt maybe paying his taxes or doing a crossword puzzle. He Tweets, “Hey @SenatorReid here’s a shot of @MittRomney paying taxes. Does it every year. It’s how you get your paycheck.”"

More:----Josh Romney really wants you to see this picture of Mitt ‘paying taxes’ | FreakOutNation:

Vice Reporter Casually Smokes Cannabis Joint During Interview With Uruguay President, Jose Mujica (VIDEO)

 "Cannabis is now legal in Uruguay, so when a reporter was interviewing the country's president he saw it as a perfect opportunity to spark up a casual joint. Reporter Krishna Andavolu, of Vice (of course), had a chat with President José Mujica about his landmark decision to make the production, sale and possession of cannabis legal for a new documentary entitled "Weediquette: The Cannabis Republic of Uruguay." “I’m smoking weed with the president of Uruguay at his farm outside of Montevideo,” Andavolu says in the video teaser."

Striking a Nerve: Bungling the Cannabis Story

"Correlation does not equal causation, and a single exam cannot show a trend over time. Basic stuff, right? But judging by coverage of a study just out in the Journal of Neuroscience, these are apparently foreign concepts for many folks in the media."

US Press once again Declines to Call White Terrorism in Kansas, Nevada, White Terrorism

 "My Top Ten differences between White Terrorists and Others, judging by the Facebook shares, must be among the more popular pieces I have ever written. It keeps being proven correct by American journalism every day. I get hot under the collar thinking about all the effort the US government is expending to monitor who we call and where we are when we do it–in the hundreds of millions!– and about all the surveillance of innocent American citizens of Muslim faith and of mosques, when the American fascists receive much less focus. If a group is armed and announces its purpose is to spread hate of another group, wouldn’t that warrant some surveillance? By surveiling us all, precious person power is being wasted."

Image borrowed from Democratic Underground

Religious Right Leader Sued For Sexual Battery, Treating Young Follower Like A 'Personal Sex Object'

 "In a bombshell lawsuit that exposes the shocking ways women are treated in the Quiverfull movement — the patriarchal program popularized by the Duggar family and its TLC reality show 19 Kids and Counting — attorneys representing Lourdes Torres have revealed details of the abuse she received from Doug Phillips of Vision Forum. The lawsuit [PDF], which includes counts of sexual battery and assault, details the “inappropriate, unwanted, and immoral sexual acts committed by Douglas Phillips against Ms. Torres,” noting that Phillips “methodically groomed Ms. Torres” since she was 15 years old “so that she would eventually participate in illicit sexual rendezvous with him promising that she could one day marry him” and “repeatedly told Torres that this was possible because his wife, Beall Phillips, was going to die soon.”"

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Baseball Great Hank Aaron Flooded With Racist Hate Mail After Defending Obama

 "The Atlanta Braves have been deluged with hate mail after baseball great Hank Aaron's recent comments about racism in America and President Obama's critics. According to USA Today, the Braves organization has received hundreds of letters, emails and phone calls since Aaron made his comments a week ago. "Hank Aaron is a scumbag piece of (expletive) (racial slur)'' read an email from a man named Edward, according to USA Today. Edward evidently used the racist epithet five times."

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Makers, takers and fakers at Nevada's Bundy Ranch

"If nothing else, the tense standoff at the Bundy ranch in Nevada provided a helpful reminder of what it means to be a patriot in America. There are many things one may do and a small handful of things one must do to be considered a true patriot. Real patriots vote. They vaccinate their kids. Real patriots pay their taxes. And genuine patriots don't threaten government officials with violence over laws with which they disagree. Especially when they use lofty rhetoric about "sovereignty" and "liberty" and "tyranny" as a cynical façade for illegally padding one's own bank account."

More:----Makers, takers and fakers at Nevada's Bundy Ranch:

Allies Of Lawless Rancher Planned To Put Women 'Up At The Front' If Showdown With Feds Turned Violent

: "An uprising of militia members who were planning an “armed response” to federal enforcement of trespassing law ended peacefully Saturday after the Bureau of Land Management stopped rounding up cattle that a federal judge found have been illegally grazed on federal land for years. But some allies of rancher Cliven Bundy were prepared to make as much of a media spectacle as possible if violence were to erupt, saying they would put women on the front lines in the event federal officials turned to deadly force. Former Arizona Sheriff Richard Mack told Fox News Monday, as reported by the Blaze"

More:----Allies Of Lawless Rancher Planned To Put Women 'Up At The Front' If Showdown With Feds Turned Violent | ThinkProgress

Westboro Baptist Church says it will picket Alaska Native Heritage Center

"Westboro Baptist Church in Topeka, Kansas, recently announced plans to picket the Alaska Native Heritage Center on Sunday, June 1, a move that quickly triggered talk of a counterprotest. In a flyer published online Sunday, the Westboro Baptist Church said it would send protesters to the educational and cultural center in Muldoon at 8:45 a.m. because, "God hates your idols." "There is nothing appealing or holy about the 'heritage' of the eleven 'distinct cultures' or 'diverse population' of Alaska," the flyer said. In response to the Anchorage picket, Alaskans launched a Facebook group Monday afternoon. Within two hours, it had more than 100 members and preliminary discussions swirled around a counterprotest with drums, dancing and song."

More:----Westboro Baptist Church says it will picket Alaska Native Heritage Center | Anchorage | ADN.com:

Republican ACA Lies Get Thrashed and Trashed as CBO Report Is An Epic Obama Win

"President Obama got the ultimate political win today, as the CBO’s updated ACA projections delivered a drubbing to years worth of Republican Obamacare lies."

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This Fish Crawled Out of the Water…and Into Creationists' Nightmares

 "We all know the Darwin fish, the car-bumper send-up of the Christian "ichthys" symbol, or Jesus fish. Unlike the Christian symbol, the Darwin fish has, you know, legs. Har har. But the Darwin fish isn't merely a clever joke; in effect, it contains a testable scientific prediction. If evolution is true, and if life on Earth originated in water, then there must have once been fish species possessing primitive limbs, which enabled them to spend some part of their lives on land. And these species, in turn, must be the ancestors of four-limbed, land-living vertebrates like us"

LISTEN: Alleged Kansas Gunman Frazier Glenn Miller Discusses the Tea Party, Obama, and Ron Paul

"In a 2010 radio interview, Frazier Glenn Miller, the man suspected of killing three people Sunday at a Jewish community center and a Jewish retirement center in Kansas, said he was interested in the tea party, voiced support for then-Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and spoke approvingly of Ron Paul, the Texas Republican congressman and presidential candidate. In late April 2010, Miller, a former Ku Klux Klan Grand Dragon, was a guest on The David Pakman Show, a nationally syndicated left-of-center radio and television program. At the time, Miller was running for US Senate as an independent in his home state of Missouri with the slogan "It's the Jews, Stupid," and Pakman pressed Miller on his extreme views."

No, the 'Blood Moon' Does Not Mean the World Is Ending

"Why is this night different from all other nights? Tonight the clouds will part, the heavens will open, the stars will shine, and the moon will bleed. Groovy! The blood moon, a deliciously named full lunar eclipse rendering the moon red, will be visible in the skies above North America around 2 a.m. Eastern time. In the olden days the sudden appearance of a big red bloody moon probably sent people into a panic. Terrified, they probably ran around screaming, "Help me! Help me! My God, the moon has turned red! The moon has turned red! We're all going to die!" But then the moon would turn back to normal and they'd still be alive and probably a bit ashamed that they'd lost their heads and they'd warn their kids, "Look, kids, one day the moon might turn red for a little while, but don't worry. It's just a thing. Why does it happen? I don't know. Why does anything happen in this crazy world of ours! But if it does turn red, it'll be fine. Don't run around screaming. You'll feel very silly in the morning.""

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Colorado’s Stanley brothers and their pot farm: Leading evangelicals to embrace legalization.

 "Jesse Stanley sees marijuana as “God’s plant.” He is one of five brothers—all alums of an evangelical high school—who grow medical marijuana from their two dispensaries in Colorado Springs, Colo. As he put it to the website FaithStreet: “God is moving in the hearts of men and women and children around the world about this plant in ways that I never would’ve imagined.”"

More:----Colorado’s Stanley brothers and their pot farm: Leading evangelicals to embrace legalization.:

Xenophobic Chill Descends on Moscow

: "MOSCOW — The huge banner was unfurled on Friday morning outside one of Moscow’s biggest bookstores, Dom Knigi, a grand emporium of the written word on Novii Arbat Street across from a Citibank, a Baskin-Robbins and a Dunkin’ Donuts, and down the block from a big movie theater where the main feature at the moment is “Captain America: The Winter Soldier.” “Fifth Column,” the banner declared. “Strangers Among Us.” It showed black-and-white portraits of three of Russia’s better-known political opposition figures and two Soviet-era dissident rock musicians, along with two evil-looking space aliens, one carrying a briefcase marked with the white ribbon that has been the symbol of political protests against President Vladimir V. Putin and the Russian government."

Three Ways That Nevada Rancher And His Right-Wing Militia Supporters Could Wind Up Behind Bars

"Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy speaks like a man from another century. In an interview with conservative radio host Dana Loesch, Bundy claims that “this is a sovereign state of Nevada.” Though he swears that he will “abide by all of Nevada state laws,” he adds that “I don’t recognize [the] United States Government as even existing.” Last week, that idiosyncratic belief nearly triggered a violent conflict with federal officials. For two decades, those officials have tried and failed to keep Bundy from illegally grazing his cattle on federal land. They’ve obtained three court orders — one of them as long ago as 1998 — requiring Bundy to remove his cattle from federal land. The more recent orders, both from 2013, gave Bundy 45 days to comply or else “the United States is entitled to seize and remove to impound any of Bundy’s cattle that remain in trespass.” Bundy did not comply, and government-hired wranglers began rounding up Bundy’s livestock last Saturday."

Jewish organizations on alert after fatal shootings in Kansas City area

"Kansas’s tight-knit Jewish community was rocked just one day before the beginning of Passover as an alleged gunman took the lives of three people and injured another in attacks just minutes apart outside the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City in Overland Park and a local retirement village. According to various news reports, at about 1 p.m., shots were reported outside the JCC’s theater entrance, where auditions were being held for a singling competition for area teenagers. One man was reportedly killed at the scene, while another died at a local hospital. The suspect—described later in the day by police officers who apprehended him as a bearded white male in his 70s—then fled to the Village Shalom community and opened fire, killing one woman before fleeing to a school, where he was arrested"

More:---Jewish organizations on alert after fatal shootings in Kansas City area — JNS.org:

The Nevada Standoff Has Nothing To Do With "Tyranny," "Sovereignty," "Freedom," or Cows.

 "All The World's A Stage, and Cliven Bundy is not the player. The "standoff" in Nevada isn't about Cliven Bundy. It's not about "grazing fees." It isn't about "Freedom from Tyranny," the "First Amendment" or "Sovereignty." It isn't even about cows. It's about money for two Billionaires with whom we're all familiar."

America: Stupidly stuck between religion and science

 "Karl Marx’s famous maxim that history repeats itself, first as tragedy and then as farce, can apply just as well to the history of ideas as to the political sphere. Consider the teapot-tempest over religion and science that has mysteriously broken out in 2014, and has proven so irresistible to the media. We already had this debate, which occupied a great deal of the intellectual life of Western civilization in the 18th and 19th centuries, and it was a whole lot less stupid the first time around. Of course, no one on any side of the argument understands its philosophical and theological history, and the very idea of “Western civilization” is in considerable disrepute on the left and right alike. So we get the sinister cartoon version, in which religious faith and scientific rationalism are reduced to ideological caricatures of themselves, and in which we are revealed to believe in neither one."

Read more:---America: Stupidly stuck between religion and science - Salon.com:

Another Pro-Life Issue

Boston’s Cardinal Sean O’Malley, the closest American prelate to Pope Francis, took nine other bishops to the Mexican-American border for three days of listening to the stories of people who are suffering from America’s horribly broken immigration system. The bishops celebrated a dramatic mass with hundreds of Mexicans, taking communion through slats in the security fence, and laid a wreath at the border commemorating the estimated 6000 people who have died trying to cross."

More:----Another Pro-Life Issue - Jim Wallis | God's Politics Blog | Sojourners: "

Gregory Crawford's Weekly Rant! -- ALEC Psychopaths

The Pitch

It has occurred to me that some of you think I'm running this hideous website because I have nothing else to do. Well some of you are just too dam smart. You've probably been hurt in a previous relationship. That's so sad,but it's really not my concern. Like mama used to say, "You'll know better next time."

So here's the skinny. You'll notice there's no stupid "Donate to this Site" button, and there's good reason, it goes back to that you're just too dam smart thing.

So what I did was plaster this site with all sorts of cheesy banners promoting every thing from pocket knives, Dickie denim jeans, healthy soy snacks, hemp seeds,creative writing software, St. Croix fishing rods and chartreus soft plastic lizards, to places where you can lose everything, betting on horse races, or where you can get a job driving a truck cross country, hauling Chinese made crap and picking up chicks. Someone said the site looked like I-75 in South Georgia.

When you click on a banner and buy something, I get a ham sandwich. That's all, just looking to eat once in a while.

Now here's a suggestion, before you lose everything betting on some dumbass horse race, or leave the wife and youngans and head on down the road in a Peterbuilt, buy yourself a pair of Matrix sunglasses and one of those R Crumb, "Keep on Truckin," T-shirts to wear to your daughter's soccer game. Your daughter will be humiliated as hell, until one of her friends walks over and says, " Your dad is the coolest dad ever."


Here's a catchy tune that may shed some light on what I'm trying to say.